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4 ways to keep your beautiful glass windows grime free

When you see a window, it may be to allow sunlight into the house. But, the main reason for having windows is still to peek out to see the world that awaits outside. To see the beauty of your yard or to see the cars running on the streets. However, consider this. Your windows have dust blurs, water highlights and grime. The outside world will look blurry too. If that is the case with you and these grime stained windows are becoming a barrier between you and your outside world, you should either hire window cleaners perth or use these effective ways to make them grime free.

Do a primary clean

Before you do the actual cleaning, do the prep work. First, you will need to see what windows you are cleaning. If they are indoor windows, they are more likely to carry grime or dust, the cleaning could be sticky. If the outside windows require a window cleaning service, then it might be less sticky but more dusty. Second, you will need to dry off the windows of any spider cobwebs. You can even use a smaller vacuum to clean off the cobwebs. Then, you will need to do a basic water rinse before you do the actual cleaning.

Using ammonia and vinegar

Natural products always prove to be a great hack. You can use a mixture of vinegar and water in half and half ratio for cleaning the grIme off the windows. To tone down the smell, you can always add oils or use an air freshener later. See what suits you, a bottle of the mixture with a nozzle for easy spraying or manually washing the windows with a clean cloth. You can also use small amounts of ammonia in water which may have a stronger smell than vinegar so you will need to throw the smell out in the air.

Use clothes or rags

Using clothes or rags can prove to be much more efficient in cleaning than using newspapers and paper towels. Newspapers can also be used for window cleaning but it can leave stains on your clothes from the ink. It is better to use rags that are made up of microfibers to avoid any stained cleaning. For deeper stains, you can always use a scratchy sponge or a steel wool.

Polish it off

As any window cleaning service would advise you, cleaning cannot be completed without a good polish. Windows can be polished off without any chemicals. All you need is a dry rag to clean up after the water droplets on the window and you will have a shiny window staring back at you with your sparkling reflection.