Stump and Blocking

9 Method 1 Kills intrusive roots in the ground

  1. Cut the roots with small problems. Although it intensifies the workforce, it addresses the problem directly and without risk to nearby plants. First dig the soil under and around the root, then cut it with a root saw or pruning shears. Aggressive root pruning can give the tree a long fall and can kill it over many years. Follow this general rule to prevent this:
  2. Multiply the diameter of the shaft by eight. This is the minimum distance from the trunk from which you can cut with little risk of damage.
  3. Cut the roots only on one side of the tree, especially if you risk moving away from the minimum distance.
  4. Dig a ditch to block the roots. Pruning the roots once is only a temporary solution. To maintain them, it may be necessary to dig a ditch and cut the roots annually – or twice a year with aggressive root systems. You can save yourself from this work if you dig a deep ditch (ideally through the entire upper layer of the earth). Then install one of these barriers before refilling it:
  5. Metal roofing. Bend the top edge to avoid a sharp edge.
  6. A double layer of hard plastic, let the sections of the barrier overlap by at least 30 cm, so that the roots can not pass. which are sometimes available for free in grocery stores
  7. For best results, buy a commercially available root barrier that has been treated with weed killer. Trifluralin is a common option that is unlikely to harm nearby plants.
  8. Kill the root ball with the weed killer. Some trees respond to root pruning or other damage by sending new roots out of the root system. Separate the roots to kill them selectively so that the weed killer does not migrate to the main tree. Use a weed killer containing glyphosate or the amine triclopyr carefully on the roots of the root to prevent it from spreading to nearby plants. Many plants that form root shoots grow aggressively. If you are not ready to drop the main tree, you will need to repeat this treatment or dig the root shoots regularly by hand.
  9. If you have cut down the main tree, but the root shoots remain in your garden, Repeat each time the root shoots appear until the roots run out of nutrients.